NIEM is Asia’s First and Best Event Management Institute for Event Management Courses. It was formed to cater to the growing needs of India’s huge multi-dimensioned Event Management Industry.

Event Management is done at a very huge scale in India. We have the greatest stage and television shows in the world. The growth of sophisticated and mega companies has brought forth a spurt of all types of events

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One year full-time

Course in event management


Diploma in Event Management
Eligibilty 12th Pass

Why DEM?

By enrolling in the Diploma in Event Management, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in event management that can be conveniently pursued without disrupting your regular studies. Upon graduation, you will be well-equipped to start a successful career in the event management industry, with the added advantage of better placements and higher compensation packages. Therefore, while still studying, pursuing DEM at NIEM can serve as an excellent additional qualification for students seeking a high-profile career in event management.


Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management
Eligibilty Graduate


This Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management course is specifically designed for individuals in their final year and have decided to pursue a career in the event management industry. Our program is uniquely structured to provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills required to establish a successful career in event management, either through lucrative job placements or by embarking on an entrepreneurial journey to launch their own event management company.

Teaching Method

70% PRACTICAL WITH AN EXPERIENCE ON 25 EVENTS DURING 1 YEAR The training is given across all the categories of events like: 

Private Events: Weddings, Parties, Get together, Festival Celebrations Musical nights. 

Corporate Events: Conferences, Seminars, Training programs, Welfare programs, Company annual day celebration, Trade fair, Expo, Inauguration, Product launches Sponsored and fundraising events: Marathon, Charity activities like auctions, Auditions, Concerts, Political events. 

Educational Events: Schools and Colleges. the event, Educational fair, Educational Workshops, Motivational speech, Annual Sports day celebration 

  • The course comprises 30% academic training delivered through classes that are spread over a year with approx. 100-150 sessions. 
  • Convenient class timings matched with college timings 
  • Assignments will be assigned after the completion of each module.
  •  The program includes workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts 
  • An offline examination will be conducted upon completion of the course

Awards & Certification

We are affiliated with leading Government Education Entities, Universities, Colleges and Studios.

Alumni Testimonials

Alumni have to say about their experience in NIEM India

Its just not about getting a best job option, but it helps to build your personality as well.

Sanskar Singh Gautamx`

One thing I really appreciate about niem is that all the staff members are always there to help you out. Even after the placement they will give you the right guidance

Nalin Jain

I was very much clear about my event list on which events I want to work. I share those with faculty and they helped me at their best to accomplish it.

Harsh Vijavargiya

I was scared in the beginning about the journey and about joining niem but now I am sure that I made the right choice the journey has been spectacular

Kashika Jain

It was a wonderful experience studying in NIEM, Indore with enthusiastic and idealistic staff. Vision of this institute always inspired me towards grooming my career and my Personality

Azim Khan

It was a wonderful experience studying in NIEM, Indore with enthusiastic and idealistic staff. Vision of this institute always inspired me towards grooming my career and my Personality

Archita Agrawal

NIEM really gave me both practical and theoretical learning. It really helps me build my confidence as an event manager.

Varun Agrawal